Distinguished Service Award

The Florida Gastroenterologic Society’s Distinguished Service Award honors a Florida Gastroenterologist whose accomplishments (clinical, academic, educational, socioeconomic and humanitarian) made a significant contribution to Gastroenterology within the state. The first award was presented during the 1990 Annual Meeting.

If you know a gastroenterologist who exemplifies one or more of the characteristics and would like to nominate this individual please contact the FGS office at info@flgastro.org. Below is a list of Distinguished Service Award recipients since the inception of the award.

Previous Recipients:

2021Roberto Firpi, M.D.
2020Kenneth DeVault, M.D.
2019David Becker, M.D.
2018Peter Draganov, M.D.
2017Sheldon Taub, M.D.
2015Herbert Wolfsen, M.D.
2013Bill Bouck
2012Eugene R. Schiff, M.D.
2011Patrick G. Brady, M.D.
2010Robert Goldberg, M.D.
2009Chris E. Forsmark, M.D.
2008James H. Johnson, M.D.
2007Sami R. Achem, M.D.
2003James H. DeGerome, M.D.
2002Jeffrey A. Diamond, M.D.
2001Jamie Barkin, M.D.
2001James E. McGuigan, M.D.
2001H. Juergen Nord, M.D.
2001Jeffrey B. Raskin, M.D.
2001Phillip P. Toskes, M.D.
2000James J. Cerda, M.D.
2000Marcia Lynne Sills, M.D.
2000Eric D. Weston, M.D.
1997Joel E. Fyvolent, M.D.
1996Phillip P. Toskes, M.D.
1995Peter M. Pardoll, M.D.
1993Pedro J. Greer, Jr., M.D.
1990Arvey I. Rogers, M.D.

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