James H. Johnson Scholarship Award

Dr. Johnson and his wife, Janice, understood long ago that the success and integrity of the GI profession is rooted in next generation.

Each year, for the next twenty years, one Fellow-in-Training at one of Florida’s GI Training Facilities will receive a check for no less then $2,000.00 to assist him or her with their expenses. The James H. Johnson Scholarship Award rotates from one training facility to the next so that eventually all facilities are included. The rotation will be repeated after all of the training facilities have been covered.

Each year the GI Training Chief will be contacted and asked to submit the name of a Fellow whose financial situation is most in need of assistance.  The first award was presented at the Annual Meeting in 2009. The details of this award were published in the course syllabus, and a permanent record will be maintained every year thereafter.

If anyone wishes to contribute to this fund, please contact FGS at info@flgastro.org.

The FGS is most grateful to Dr. Johnson and his wife, Janice, for their generosity and concern for the future of gastroenterology in Florida.

Award Recipients:

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