James L. Borland, Sr. Memorial Award

The James L. Borland, Sr. Memorial Award is a lectureship, honoring the founding father of the Florida Gastroenterologic Society. Each year the award is presented at the Florida Gastroenterologic Society’s Annual Meeting. The lecture reviews a specific area of gastroenterology and is given by a nationally-known authority on the chosen subject.

To learn more about the James L. Borland, Sr. Memorial Award you can contact the FGS office at info@flgastro.org. Below is a list of previous recipients.

Previous Recipients of the James L. Borland, Sr. Memorial Award:


2021Roberto Firpi-Morell, MD
2020Kenneth DeVault, M.D.
2019Luis Carlos Sabbagh, M.D.
2018Robert Hawes, M.D.
2017Jamie S. Barkin, M.D.
2016David R. Nelson, MD
2015Joel E. Richter, MD, MACG
2014Michael Wallace, M.D., MPH, FACG
2013Peter V. Draganov, M.D., FACG
2012Chris E. Forsmark, M.D., FACG
2011Richard P. MacDermott, M.D.
2010Maria T. Abreu, M.D.
2009Christopher J. Gostout, M.D.
2008H. Worth Boyce, Jr., M.D.
2007Jeffrey Ponsky, M.D.
2006Andreas G. Tzakis, M.D.
2005Jon Cohn, M.D.
2004Sami R. Achem, M.D.
2003Jeffrey B. Raskin, M.D.
2002Gary L. Davis, M.D.
2001James Borland, Jr., M.D.
2000Patrick G. Brady, M.D.
1999Jamie S. Barkin, M.D.
1998Eugene R. Schiff, M.D.
1997Arvey I. Rogers, M.D.
1996James J. Cerda, M.D.
1995H. Juergen Nord, M.D.
1994Phillip P. Toskes, M.D.
1993H. Worth Boyce , Jr., M.D.
1992Leon Schiff, M.D.
1991James E. McGuigan, M.D.
1990Fred Kern, Jr., M.D.
1989Malcom P. Tyor, M.D.

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