Florida Gastroenterologic Society's

Fellowship designation

WHY You're Here

Fellowship in the FGS is intended to recognize individuals who have made significant contributions to the Society, through service or education, or to the field of gastroenterology. 

Guidelines listed below are suggested as a minimum criterion to support application. The Board of Directors will review applications for FFGS, placing the highest emphasis on the quality and breadth of contribution to gastroenterology.

WHY FFGS Was Created

We created the FGS Fellowship (FFGS) designation to recognize those in Florida’s GI community for their outstanding commitment to the field of Gastroenterology and the unique demographic of Florida’s patient population.

Every member of the FFGS

  • Served the GI community through support of FGS advocacy efforts
  • Contributed to the development of FGS educational content through lectures, hands-on engagement or consistent attendance to educational events.
  • Served the GI community through leadership opportunities in the FGS
  • Serves as a thought leader/mentor for future gastroenterologists



The FFGS is for you, if you have:

  • Served as an FGS Past-President and/or…
  • Demonstrated scholarly activities, including continuing education experience, professional leadership, and excellence in clinical practice and/or academic medicine. 
  • Current uninterrupted membership in the Society for a period of no less than five years (post Resident/Trainee Membership)
  • Attended a minimum of 3 CME programs sponsored by the FGS within the last six years.
  • Shown evidence of ongoing involvement in FGS activities such as Committees, Courses, Annual Meeting attendance, etc.
  • Have initial board certification in adult or pediatric gastroenterology or surgery
  • A signature of endorsement from an FFGS member, past President, or member of the current FGS Board of Directors

WHAT Else You Will Need to Apply for FFGS

To apply, there are a few more requirements:

  • Application fee of $50
  • Annual Membership dues of $250 (if not already renewed)
  • Current Curriculum Vitae
  • The FFGS designation requires individuals to maintain FGS membership in good standing. Should membership lapse for any reason, the individual will lose the privilege to use the FFGS designation and will be requested to relinquish the designation immediately. 

To apply for the FFGS designation please click the button below