Florida Gastroenterologic Society

Florida Gastroenterological Society

Getting to Know the Florida Gastroenterologic Society

The Florida Gastroenterologic Society (FGS) has built a strong network of GI physicians from all across the state. With over 600 members, FGS provides a platform for members to network with colleagues who experience similar situations with a passion and tenacity to provide excellent patient care. The membership is rich in experience and diversity in gastroenterology. FGS is dedicated to the issues facing GI professionals and partnering with them to help them succeed.

Member Benefits:

  • Access to Nationally-recognized CME programs within driving distance.
  • Access to the most diverse hands-on Endoscopy Lab in the country!
  • Participate in the strongest comradery of GI professionals in the state of Florida at the annual meeting and regional gatherings.
  • Qualified for enrollment into the FGS Risk-Purchasing Group, to use our group’s leverage for reduced med-mal insurance premiums.
  • Deeply discounted Workers’ Comp Insurance with up to 30% dividend payout.
  • Access to our Cyber Security Insurance partners, offering coverage that matters at steeply discounted rates.
  • Stay informed on current issues, the latest technology and techniques used in gastroenterology, including events that could affect your practice with our monthly newsletter and webinars.
  • Ensure the success & growth of the next generation in Gastroenterology.
  • FGS members have legislative advocates representing the interests of Gastroenterologists at both the state and national level.
  • FGS has strong partnerships with ACG and is an FMA-recognized Specialty Society.

To learn more about FGS membership visit our membership page: FGS Membership

Or to join the Florida Gastroenterologic Society today you can register here: Join FGS.