Legislative Update – 04/19/23

April 19, 2023

The Florida Legislature is entering its final fifteen days, and although few issues have reached the Governor’s desk, many important bills have progressed to the point where success is within sight.

On the defensive front, the effort of APRNs to gain independent specialty practice has stalled.  With their efforts having received no support in the Senate, we can (with 99% certainty), claim victory on this issue.

As many will recall, we have worked on Pharmacy Benefit Manager Reform for several issues.  This year’s bill (SB 1550) would prohibit “spread pricing” and other PBM abuses, as well as improve the transparency of such entities.  As I write this, the bill is on Third (and final) Reading in the Senate, while the House companion has one final committee stop in the House Appropriations Committee.

Bills that would allow telephone communications to qualify as Telehealth have progressed to the House Floor, while the Senate Bill must only pass the Rules Committee.

Finally, after several years of efforts, bills to require all health care providers to disclose their licensing status, as well as prohibiting any practitioner other than an MD or DO to refer to themselves as a “gastroenterologist,” have passed the Senate, and the House companion is on the House floor.

It should be a very interesting final two weeks.  Stay tuned for updates during that period.