Connect with Members

The effectiveness of any society or association is the involvement of it’s members. FGS desires to boast of extreme camaraderie within it’s membership and strives to provide various platforms for individuals to connect with members. Therefore, we have created this page for members to connect with each other. You can post relevant articles for the GI industry, questions you might have, orConnecting Members share new innovative concepts to patient care. We strongly encourage members to visit this page regularly and fully engage in networking with gastroenterologists who are facing similar issues and share a passion for gastroenterology.

Do you have a key issue or pressing need that you would like to tap into the FGS member network? A brand new benefit for members is to post issues, questions, needs, etc. to connect with members and work together to solve concerns. At each members disposal is the ability to connect with over 600 GI professionals in the state of Florida. Let’s begin the conversation and work to improve the gastroenterology field of medicine.

Fill out the form below to post your need or issue for the membership:
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