The 2020 FGS Annual Meeting Online

FGS Updates

2019 FGS Annual Meeting Wrap-Up

September 15, 2019 marked the conclusion of the 54th Florida Gastroenterologic Society’s Annual Meeting. Over 475 Gastroenterologists, Advanced Practice Providers, GI Nurses and Techs converged

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2019 Telehealth Bill

In 2019, Florida passed the Telehealth Bill which establishes standards of practice for telehealth services, including patient evaluations, record-keeping, and controlled substances prescribing. The bill

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Updates in GI

5 recent reports on the esophagus

Healio Gastroenterology presents the following reports on the most recent research on the esophagus and GERD.These reports include new research on eosinophilic esophagitis, proton pump

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The Florida Gastroenterologic Society was originally conceived in 1965 by James L. Borland, M.D., a well respected Gastroenterologist who practiced in Jacksonville, Florida.

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