State Advocacy

FGS  provides regular updates on top bills impacting GI professionals so members can stay informed and know if any action is needed. The FGS understands the importance of state advocacy and the need to have representation at the state level. Therefore, we have a dedicated individual who communicates the needs of gastroenterology professionals, members of the FGS.  Our legal Legislative issues FLcounsel  is Chris Nuland, who has a wealth of knowledge and experience representing medical professionals and he understands the specific dynamic involved with the changing culture of medical practice. He regularly provides the membership with important updates regarding decisions being made in Tallahassee. He provides a voice for the Florida Gastroenterologist to ensure that your concerns are being heard. If you have specific issues you’d like to discuss with Mr. Nuland you can reach him at Mr. Nuland represents more than eight physician organizations, including the Florida Gastroenterologic Society, Florida Chapters of the American College of Physicians, and the American College of Surgeons.

Over the years the FGS has made contributed to several legislative triumphs for Gastroenterologists in the State of Florida:

  • Defeated independent practice initiatives by PAs and ARNPs.
  • Maintained CAT Fund exemption on malpractice policy; this saves the physician about 3% each and every year on their malpractice premium.
  • Passed legislation to regulate Pharmacy Benefit Managers.  Will save patients millions of dollars, as pharmacists must now tell patients the cheapest way to get their drugs.
  • Preserved requirement that telemedicine on Florida patients be performed by Florida licensed providers.
  • Filed suit against the Board of Pharmacy when it tried to ban in-office compounding for in-office administration.
  • Allowed Gastros to still balance bill patients of non-contracted plans;
  • Passed bill to allow use of anxiolytics and opioids in Level I surgery; as a result, many procedures may be done in-office without a CRNA or anesthesiologist.