2021 Legislative Preview

2021 Legislative Preview
Christopher L. Nuland, Esq.
FGS Counsel and Lobbyist

Amid extraordinary precautions necessitated by the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, legislators return to the Capitol next week to tackle issues both old and new, as Florida faces several dating challenges.
For instance, the COVID lockdown has cost the State billions of dollars in sales and hotel tax revenues, and lawmakers must find additional funds to keep essential services going.  Already bills have been filed to insulate many businesses from liability associated with the pandemic, although health care providers explicitly are excluded from these protections in the current drafts; on of our first priorities is to correct that injustice and ensure that physicians who put themselves in harm’s way to treat patients are protected from civil liability.
Scope of Practice will again be on the top of our legislative agenda, as APRNs seek to expand on last year’s granting of independent primary care practice by further amending the law to allow them to practice any type of medicine without physician supervision (see HB 111 and SB 424).  Opposing these bills will be a primary focus of our legislative efforts tis year.
Expect regular updates as more bills are filed and the battle begin to be waged Tallahassee, and, as always, it a pleasure and honor to serve.

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