FGS Members Contact Senators About MOC Control

FGS continues to work hard on behalf of the membership to have representatives sharing the perspective of GI physicians at the state government level. However, there are times when we need the members help. Having our hand on the pulse of key issues, FGS understands that the most important issue facing gastroenetorlogists is MOC control. FGS members recently contacted members of the Senate Health Policy committee (HB 723 – Gonzalez/Massullo) to encourage them to pass SB 1354. This bill would ensure that patients have access to their doctors by controlling how Maintenance of Certification (MOC) is used in Florida. The wealthy Board certification corporations are making tens of millions on needless testing to “re-certify” doctors that used to be certified for life. Many doctors are not opposed to doing the 40 hours of regular CME as required by Florida law, but hospitals and insurance companies should not require doctors to do the onerous MOC tasks simply to help large private boards make money. FGS members stressed to committee members that the state should not require MOC for license re-certification. Several studies have shown that MOC does nothing to improve the quality of medical care provided. For more information on this go to this JAMA article that shows that those with life-time Certification were just as good as those who re-certified with MOC.

FGS members are now waiting to see how the bill continues to move through the legislative process.

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