A Word From Our 2019-2020 FGS President, Dr. Dennis Collins


I have been delighted to be a part of the Florida Gastroenterologic Society for several years and I am now looking forward to serving as the President of the Society for the next year.  A great many thanks are due to Dr. Wallace for his leadership over the past year and coordination of excellent educational events, including the 54th Annual Meeting that concluded yesterday.  This was one of the most well-attended meetings of the Society and reflects the high-quality nature of the event, including lectures, hands-on courses, and social events that allow attendees to share challenges and successes in our local environments.

During the next year there are four areas I hope to focus on that I believe will be helpful.

Patient Advocacy– specifically state and federal regulations and agency that may provide support to the patient-physician relationship and goals.

Legislative Awareness– especially in regards to new laws that affect how we practice as updates on the efforts that may impact our practices.

Membership – the Society is strong, but can be stronger.  There are great resources available to FGS members, including the educational sessions.  These can be made greater by growing. I would ask everyone to encourage their colleagues, including Advanced Practice Providers, to join the FGS and attend the meetings.  In addition, I would ask everyone to encourage their nursing and tech staff to join the SGNA and attend their educational events (including the Fall session held in conjunction with the FGS).

Ongoing High Quality Educational Events.  This is a highlight of being a member of the FGS.  The leadership will continue coordinating high-quality events that are praised by faculty and attendees from other states.

In closing, I look forward to working with the FGS Leadership and Justin Bouck (Bouck Management) to serve the FGS members and their patients.  Please visit our website periodically, read our e-mails, let us know your thoughts, and stay connected. If you would like to serve as part of a committee or leadership, please let us know.  

Very Sincerely,

Dennis Collins, MD